Good art tells a story...

In the galleries of Magimages.US, you will find some of the recent work of photographer D L Dean 

The competition framed "picture art" faces is fierce. I'm not talking about competition between artists, but rather the competition of picture art, versus the glass window. A window will always win, and I don't care who the artist is. For example, take five of your very favorite artists, these artists may include the "old masters".  Remove the windows in your home replacing them with your choice of the best art in the world.

How long would it be before you want the artwork "out" and windows back in?

Two-dimension, simulated colors, and shapes can never compete with the real visual world. Of course, it is not all or nothing; you don't have to eliminate your windows to hang pictures.

My point here pictures whether they are on canvas, paper, computer screen, or television are not even remotely close to the real visual world. Lenses and cameras do not see like the human eye and even if they could, printers computers and televisions are not capable of producing the colors shades, and the three dimensions that exist in the real visual world.

D L Dean

World renowned, art photographer D L Dean.

Internationally recognized photographer D L Dean is a member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. He has won numerous national and international awards for his photographic work.

Award-winning  photographer D L Dean

What do we change from the real visual world when we take a photograph?  Just about everything. We take four dimensions height, width, depth, and time/movement, and crush it flat into two dimensions, and on top of that, real-world visual color is distorted profoundly. So why in the world do we enjoy pictures when they are so inaccurate? Because they stimulate our memory and our imagination. 

D L Dean