‚ÄčMagimages US LLC, will no longer take part in NFL events.

We have purged all images related to the NFL from our library.
Magimages US, in moral conscience, can not expose our employees or our patrons to the immorality that make up the NFL. Those ingrates, "artificial" heroes who walk onto a field of no importance and scorn "real" heroes.    Men who own such staggering ignorants to dare disrespect the American flag. Our organization's disgust stretches-out to the soulless people who promote and appease those athletes' simple minds.
  That American flying symbol stands for the best of humanity, and it is the emblem of the most righteous people who have ever walked on this earth.
 The true gallant with those stars and stripes stepped onto bloodstain fields and stared into the face of horror. "Every" human who owns liberty has it because of those selfless, brave Americans that marched with that flag into that evil terror of war. All thinking people know if that flag did never fly, and our selfless young warriors never paid with their blood, humanity its self would be without light.
Remove from history America, and humankind would be without a moral compass, democracy would not exist, and freedom an unknown word. 
D.L.Dean, President 
Magimages US 

Magimages US  

This page has been purged of all images of professional athletes.